I currently do not take any new clients for online coaching.

The AI (Artificially Intelligent) hybrid Borge Fagerli & Menno Henselmans online Program Optimizer found at – which is based on our methods and will tailor training and nutrition individually on your personal data and goals is available soon! (Opening some time during 2017). Like my facebook profile to get updated.


Here’s a brief “History of Borge”

Edit: rereading it now, “brief” wins the 2013 Misnomer Award – but I feel that a coaching-client relationship can only be better when you know more about me, so here goes:

I was a very curious young boy, always wanted to learn new things and figure out how things worked. I was reading newspapers at the age of 4, and doing high-school level math at age 8 – but didn’t really earn my parents’ unconditional admiration since I dismantled all the toys they bought me. Didn’t always put them back together, though – once I knew how they worked I would try to tweak them and make them work better, but my capabilites at the time were somewhat limited. This has always been my drive, to figure out how things – especially the human body and mind – works and then make them work better.

Got my Bachelor of Science degree in 2000, graduating top of my class in computer- and telecommunications engineering, but after a 2 year stint of working for a consultant company developing 3G phones (of which 1 year was spent working for Nokia in NYC), I realized that working with computers and systems alone was boring as hell – and my passion was in training, nutrition and helping people.

I apply this systematic engineering mindset into physiology and biology, translating empirical and theoretical evidence into a working model, which can be tailored to the individual. I have an extensive network of coaches and scientists all over the world, spend a lot of time keeping updated on the latest science and read at least one book every week on training, nutrition, business or psychology.

I was never really good at anything strength- or sport-related, but this just fueled my passion to figure out anything and everything about the human body (and mind). If I discovered something which yielded good results, I would share it with someone else and they would get double or triple the results I did. Rather than letting this break my heart and crush my self-confidence, I noticed a profound joy in helping people. So, even if I could never be a great athlete or lifter, I realized I had the ability to produce great athletes and lifters. And that is a gift I truly appreciate every day.

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I have produced National, Nordic and World Champions out of “ordinary” people and worked with professional competitors in sports such as fitness, bodybuilding, strongman, powerlifting, MMA, soccer, hockey, snowboarding, track & field etc etc – demonstrating the power of the training and nutrition principles I have developed and evolved over the years. I have posted a few before-after pics here:

* Not really a big fan of this type of advertising, prefer to keep things more “low-key” and build my client base from the “word of mouth” effect, but my business consultant has advised me to put the page up and be more active on social media (facebook, instagram) 🙂

Brief overview of career:

2004-2006: Consultant and writer for Tech Nutrition, manufacturer of sports supplements. Developed a lifestyle-oriented training/nutrition concept in the same vein as Body For Life, named  Release Your Potential (RYP).

2006-2011: Got my CPT from ISSA while founding and building MyRevolution (formerly MyoRevolution), manufacturing my own line of sports supplements, writing hundreds of articles, hosting workshops/seminars, as well as coaching various lifters and “average joes” – from recreational lifters to elite level athletes. Developed Myo-reps, a training method which is part of the curriculum of both national and international PT schools. A search on Google and YouTube can be fun. A big thanks to Mathias Wernbom who I have had countless of e-mails and hours of discussions with, he is the worlds leading researcher on occlusion training and hypertrophy – this is probably his most famous work still:

Also developed the Biorhythm Diet, based on some interesting lines of research into circadian rhythms. This is still work in progress as new research surfaces, but the basic outline is still the same. Various diets with similar structure have been hyped the last couple of years, some of them you might have heard of before: Carb Backloading, Modified Warrior Diet, Renegade Diet, Samurai Diet (I’m sure there are more). Results have been stellar.


  • Full-time as an independent coach/writer/seminar and workshop host. Webcoaching 30-50 clients/month (varies).
  • Teacher at Academy For Personal Training (AFPT). Also teacher/consultant for PTs at the largest gym chain in the Nordic countries SATS Elixia
  • Mentor, Head of Personal Training for Avancia, a small gym chain with 4 facilities + CEO of 2 of those gyms, from 2015-2016. Revenue for Personal Trainers increased 10-20-fold on each center in an average month.
  • Consultant/trainer for national media (Dagbladet, VG).
  • Consultant/trainer for National Army (special forces)
  • Consultant/trainer for the Norwegian police force and Police Academy
  • Mentorship by Nicolai van der Lagen, International Active Release Therapy (ART) specialist and teacher, received my own ART certification in august 2012.
  • I have stopped doing one-on-one Personal Training, where I worked mostly with VIPs and artists. Currently focusing on doing lectures and workshops, writing a book on Circadian Rhythm Management, and my online course for Personal Trainers (in Norwegian).

Due to client confidentiality I can only name drop singer/songwriter Marion Raven/Ravn, who I have been working with for 2+ years and consider a great friend: – oh, and I also coached her ex-husband, pro snowboarder Andreas Ygre Wiig for his 2012 season and for the TV series “Best of the Best”.

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Testimonials are mostly in Norwegian: Run the following page through Google Translate…

“I discovered Børge’s work in 2008 on what could only be described as a genuinely empirical health and fitness forum. Today, I find myself referring to Børge’s research articles both old and new in my study and application of nutritional and exercise science, and I am better off because of it.

Børge possesses the uncanny ability to distill critical insight from the latest medical publications and apply that insight to the world of bodybuilding and physique competition. His expertise in the science of body recomposition no doubt fueled his success as a bodybuilder and bodybuilding coach. He approaches health and fitness from an evidence-based standing and maintains a keen sensitivity in all scenarios to individual response. Quite simply, this makes him one of the best.

Whether it is his pioneering research into auto-regulation, which resulted in the Myoreps approach to programming, or his granular review of the diurnal variance of substrate utilization, which gave us The Biorhythm Diet, Børge sheds light and clarity on the infinitely complex world of the human body. Me, my colleagues, and my clients have all benefited from Børge’s contributions to the fitness world, and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next.”

– Ryan Zielonka spends his days working for a multinational professional services firm, where he is a student of greatness. At age twenty, Ryan lost nearly 100 pounds in bodyweight and twelve inches from his waistline thanks to bodybuilding. His success in transforming his physique spurred a lifelong obsession with exercise science and sports nutrition. In previous years, he has offered health and fitness consulting services to online clientele, and been featured in such publications as T-Nation,, and The Alan Aragon Research Review. He was a presenter at the 2010 Fitness Summit, and maintains a blog at He earned both his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, and currently lives with his wife in San Francisco, CA.