The most ignored causes when your results are lacking – Part 1: Stress

Today, it’s becoming increasingly trendy to throw around the term “living a balanced lifestyle” without actually defining it properly. It shouldn’t imply an incessant glorification of “YOLO” where you one moment are rushing through a Crossfit-WOD so intense that you’re bleeding out of your ears, and in the next you’re throwing up brownies and tequila after being smashed out of your mind all weekend.

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My appearances

I know I haven’t been updating this blog much, so I apologize for that. I have been focusing mainly on the Norwegian market, so you might be able to read some of my more recent stuff by going to my Norwegian site ( and using Google Translate. Some funny translations there, so you’re in for a treat 🙂

To make up for it, I have compiled a list of some podcasts in English – I will post more of them as soon as they are published:

SSD Podcast Ep. 04: Nutrient Timing, Coaching, Being Awesome

Sigma Nutrition – Circadian Rhythms and Nutrient Timing

Modern Musclehead Ep14: Macros, Metabolism, Myo-Reps, and Much More!

IFS Podcast #9: Carbs at Night & Seasonal Variation In Nutrient Intake

Iraki Nutrition: Myo-reps

EatToPerform – Coaches Course with Borge F

Some interviews:

FITNESS: ENTREVISTA A BØRGE FAGERLI (spanish – use Google Translate)

Predator Nutrition: An interview with Borge Fagerli aka Blade

Natural Pursuit: Fat Loss Roundtable

At a crossroads

This has been on my mind for a while and it is time to get it off my chest.

In previous years I would coach maybe 1-3 competitors at a time for fitness/bodybuilding competitions.  Placings would be anywhere from 1st to 4th. Pretty good, I think – but in people’s minds this is what happened: When they won, the competitor got all the credit – when they lost, it was because I was a lousy coach. Just one of those paradoxes I have accepted and come to terms with over the years. On top of that I have competed myself (bodybuilding) and never done well, and “how can someone who can’t bring himself into top condition be a good coach for others”? Some outstanding logical reasoning skills being displayed in that sentence, but I digress.

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