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VIP Coaching is now available. Read on for further information.

You may also be interested in a complete online course on training, nutrition and lifestyle habits:  the SSD System, where you will get to interact with me through a dedicated private forum.

My name is Borge Fagerli, and if you’ve followed me for a while through the media and social media, read my articles, been to one of my courses or lectures, or seen the results of my clients, you’ve probably gotten some impression of what you can achieve by working with me.

But let me tell you the whole story:

During my childhood and youth, I was never a winner at anything. Not even in Checkers or Monopoly.

I was skinny, and often sick with asthma, bronchitis, and allergies.

Not really the natural first choice for the winning team when we were playing soccer on the local field.

My strongest muscle was to be my brain.

I learned how to read when I was four years old, sitting on my Grandfather’s lap and reading out loud from Donald Duck comics. I taught myself algebra in 2nd grade of Elementary school when I found my father’s math books from High School in the back of a closet, and I would read through them in bed before falling asleep.

Yup, I was a nerd…

My curiosity was insatiable. I just HAD to figure out how things were put together, and I would dismantle every toy I got.

I am now 44 years old, and my biggest passion in life is to figure out how the human body works, and how I can make it work even better.

It’s been a long and tough journey, with many mistakes and detours.

The school of life has been rough on me – but today I’m happy to have acquired the knowledge from both the ups and downs. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for all the struggles I’ve had to endure.

When I cracked the “code” with my diet, training, and (more important than you think) – my lifestyle (stress, sleep, biorhythm) – I started to get results.

With everything I have learned on this journey, I can now comfortably maintain a great condition all year without having to stress or worry about what or how much to eat all the time, count calories or spend endless of hours at the gym.

You can achieve this, too with the knowledge I will share with you.

The great irony is that when I found something that worked for me, it always worked a 2-3x better for everyone else who followed my methods.

Instead of ruining my self-confidence, I found a strange happiness in seeing others achieve amazing progress when I shared my knowledge with them.

The natural chain of events led me to become a coach and a mentor, and I can honestly say I have the best job in the world!

My background as an engineer has enabled me to put my methods into a step-by-step system that can transform your health, appearance and your performance – both mentally and physically.

When working with me, you invest in 20 years of experience with thousands of clients on every possible level, from beginners to world champions. Those who made it all the way to the top have been regular people who didn’t imagine they could ever get to where they got.

My big passion is to figure out how I can maximize the unique potential of everyone I choose to work with, and my methods have also been adapted to the individual.

I am the man behind the Norwegian training system called “Release your potential”, the nutritional model “The BioRhythm Diet” based on recent understandings of circadian rhythms, and “Myo-reps” – one the most time-efficient and effective training methods ever created.

I am also the founder of MyRevolution, a manufacturer of sports nutrition and diet supplements, where I currently work part-time as the product manager and head of Research & Development.

I am referred to as one of the leading experts in the field, both nationally and internationally.

I have appeared as a consultant and lecturer in international venues, in the press and the digital media, and I am the author of hundreds of articles and several E-books.

I have also been a teacher at the Academy For Personal Training (AFPT), as well as the Elite Trainer and Rehab Trainer branches of their curriculum for several years.

I have collaborated with several internationally acknowledged coaches and authors, such as The Energy Blueprint with Ari Whitten, (under development) with Menno Henselmans, and Neuro Typing with Christian Thibaudeau.

I have developed methods and strategies that no one else have put together into a coherent system before, and I say that with the humble awareness that there is still much to learn.

Methods to get YOU in your best condition ever!

You will obviously experience changes you can see in the mirror, but the improvements you will experience in energy levels, stress levels, confidence and mental focus are far more tangible and important long-term.

My 100% success guarantee

Yes, that is correct.

I can offer you a 100% success guarantee on your investment!

This is obviously a huge promise that requires commitment, and I need to be selective with who I choose to work with, and how many clients I can take on at any one time.

How to Figure Out if You’re the One I Want to Work With:

The one I’m looking for is at a point in his or her life where they’re ready to make some big changes, and prepared to see some amazing results in their health, performance and appearance.

If the results are to become a permanent part of your life and something sustainable you can have for years and decades to come, you need to put the highest priority on this process.

These changes will require you to commit the time, focus and willingness to trust me as your mentor and coach.

If you feel like you’re not ready to make the changes right now, then that’s fine. You’re more than welcome to come back to this page when you’ve taken the steps needed to give yourself this gift.

But if you’re thinking that NOW is the time to take the step in the right direction and make a significant difference in your life…

And if you feel ready to pull the trigger…

Then you can keep on reading.

This is My VIP Coaching Program

There are many aspects that will separate your results from everyone else’s.

You’re not just getting a “recipe” to follow – a predetermined prescription for success based on what a few highly trainable or talented individuals have achieved, as is the case with a lot of the practices in the online world today.

You’re not getting a standardized meal plan with chicken, rice and broccoli six times a day. Or a training program with 3 sets of 10 reps on exercises that aren’t suitable for you or your body.

And you’re not getting a list of “think positive” affirmations and generic mental trainer opinions from someone with limited real-world experience.

To get a better grasp of what you get and what it’s like to work with me, take a look at some of the stories told by a few of the people I have worked with.

If you already know that you are ready to get started, just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Case 1: Trond

Trond Nordahl Amundsen is a former elite athlete, with over ten years of sales- and leadership experience in property, stock trading, and investment banking. He’s been ranked among the top 10 in the world in stock trading at DNB, and among the top 3 in Norway in real estate at Privatmegleren. Today he’s a professional investor and investment manager.

In his own words:

“I contacted Børge to get help with finding a comfortable weight after a tough year at work. Together we found a plan with different lifestyle changes, meal plans and training programs suited for me, which I could easily apply into my daily routines.

For a gentleman who thought he knew a lot about training and diet, I quickly got an understanding of how much I still needed to learn in this exciting field.

Borge is amazing at varying between being serious and professional at one point and then being a funny and warm person in the next.

At the same time, he is humble in his appearance, and there is no air of arrogance to him as I have experienced with some other experts. He is solid, knowledgeable and trustworthy, and gets the message across in a way that makes it easy to relate to.

On the plan, which got adjusted weekly, my shape improved quickly, without interfering with my job or social life, which is very important to me.

I slept better in the night, my stress levels dropped significantly, and I experienced a major improvement in focus and mental performance. Borge is really one of the best investments I have ever made on both a private and a professional level.

— Trond”

Case 2: Karl Eirik

A striking visual transformation!

Karl Eirik, 36 years old, Financial Manager of a major company, has been really fun to work with.

His highest priority was, first of all, to improve his energy and focus for both family and work, and secondly to improve body composition.

I have a holistic approach and implement better food and exercise habits, but also advise on the daily routines and habits to create a synergistic effect and overall improvement in the whole person.

This is the feedback I got, just over halfway in our VIP Coaching program:

“After several years of poor stress management, repeated antibiotic treatments and regressing training progress, I was fortunate to get a spot on the VIP Coaching program with Borge.

The goal of the follow-up was primarily to be stable, boost energy levels, and increase muscle mass.

At our first conversation before getting started, I had bronchitis, eye inflammation, and a severe herpes outbreak. Hard work was my philosophy, but I crashed hard into the wall over and over again.

The frustration was overwhelming with all the time and energy I invested in optimizing my health and still getting nowhere.

With my impatient nature, I was probably not easy to be around at home, and I was miles away from performing the way I wanted to at work.

Countless self-development books, and well-formulated (or so I thought) diet and exercise regimes ended up with further stagnation, so the helplessness just felt insurmountable in the end.

Energy and muscle growth was apparently not possible for me. Endless visits to health services and the condition known as “fuckarounditis” were certain to be my destiny.

I have been following Borge for many years, and when I visited his website and saw that he offered his VIP coaching program, I immediately contacted him.

His story of his own challenges over the years was something I could relate strongly to. In addition, I had complete trust in his skills and liked his philosophy, and was impressed with the results he had achieved with both his clients and himself.

Time to pull the proverbial trigger.

Demanding projects at work were finished, being the night watchman for our newborn daughter was over, and the new house was completed.

All that was left for me was to decide that nothing would stop me and I was 100% committed to doing what I was told.

The plan I received was tailored to me and was easy to follow.

I quickly noticed positive changes in energy, mental clarity, patience and calm, hormones, loss of bodyfat, muscle growth and strength. It’s not difficult to maintain motivation when you experience such a comprehensive and immediate positive experience.

Børge led me continuously on the right track to make the right choices and meaningful priorities, past my ego and my blindspots, which I gradually realized were greater than I had been aware of. I learned a lot about listening to the body and trusting my intuition. This was all unfamiliar to me but extremely valuable to realize.

After 8 weeks, my bodyfat had dropped from about 18-20% to 8-9%, with strength gains of up to 20% on most exercises.

I almost couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror. The belly was gone, I finally had the coveted six-pack abs, muscles and veins were popping out everywhere. Inflammation and various aches were gone, and the soreness after workouts was almost imperceptible.

It was also rewarding to be able to inspire my friends and family by showing how they also could improve their health through simple choices and daily routines.

There is a lot I want to achieve in life and have always been keen to develop. However, if you are not healthy or have energy, it is impossible to have the focus and persistence to follow through.

The sense of achievement I got from incorporating these new and better habits finally made me see and experience the progress I had longed for. This gave me increased confidence and self-esteem.

Of course, I wanted to change everything at once, a strategy that had always failed, because I had been too impatient and not done things correctly or in the right order. Borge guided me with a steady hand through everything so that my progress was consistent and better than I could have imagined.

Borge brings out the best in you in an authentic and natural way, sets in motion processes in you that remove all the constraints you thought you had and makes the right choices easier to see.

I will always look back on this period as the most important turning point of my life.

– Karl Eirik”

Case 3: Sverre

Sverre was a lot of fun to work with. He had frequented the gym for many years without any appreciable progress. His wife had a baby on the way, and with a job as a real estate agent, it wasn’t easy to balance everything.

In just a few weeks on a structured training program, his strength increased noticeably. The meal plan was adjusted to his needs and was combined with both a hectic workday and with social events and family.

The positive outcomes from increased focus and energy levels were tangible, and it was always entertaining when he reported back to me about his progress – not only in the gym, but also at work and in his daily life!

“Everyone has their weak spots that they want to change. We love these “recipes” of how to achieve the body of your dreams in the media and from various experts online.

I’ve tried them all because I also would like to have a tight butt, broad shoulders, swelling biceps and everything else I have been promised in only 6-8 weeks or less.

As a gym member since 1994, I have only been able to confirm that it wasn’t at all as easy as these experts and marketing gurus claimed.

As Borge says, these articles are appealing to our internal laziness and comfort zones. And to mine. If I had an ergometer bike powering the TV at home, I would be the world’s slimmest and fittest, and my efforts would provide an immediate payback for the effort.

In my world – I can invest in something, but then I want a return on that investment. Preferably immediately, and preferably in some sort of reward.

This is the way our society is structured, and this is what I do in my job as a real estate agent.

I constantly look for ways to sell properties in a shorter amount of time, still providing the highest quality of service.

I will either make more money, or I make more time.

For me, having time for leisure and my family is my main motivation, but the means to an end is the same. I want more in return for the time and effort I have invested.

We’re not only affluent but also impatient. And if there’s one thing that the media has figured out, it is appealing to our discontent in how we look and feel, and sell us a dream of perfection.

This was my revelation and the reason for becoming one of Borge’s clients.

I realized that trying to make changes without a plan was meaningless, and the plan and constant feedback I have gotten from him is the closest thing to a miracle cure I can think of – one that I can use for the rest of my life.

I’m not a World champion, Norwegian champion or even a Regional champion.

But I have become the best version of myself, and the positive changes in my physical health and a mind that operates quicker and clearer has been a pleasure to both myself, my wife and my colleagues.

— Sverre”.

Are you thinking that results like these are unachievable to you?

None of these success stories are exceptional talents.

They are regular people, like you and me.

They achieved success because they followed a logical and intuitive system. If you work with me and implement this system, you will experience comparable results.

And not only are you going to change your body…

Every other area of your life will be affected positively:

  • your work and career
  • your social life with family, friends and loved ones
  • your performance and mental game in the gym and in the kitchen

You’ll develop your passion and discover that untapped, powerful potential burning inside of you.

A healthier lifestyle is going to give you the motivation and focus that you need to succeed in everything!

When you set a goal, you will learn how to reach your goals and enjoy the journey. You will have the fortitude and energy to manifest your dreams, a body that people will respect and admire, and a way to live out your full potential.

So… Are you ready to become the next story of success?

For all of this to happen, you need to be 100% sure that you will commit to work with me and invest in the time YOU deserve. 

This is also the only way to offer I can offer my 100 % success guarantee, and it is going to demand some substantial changes and a lot of new knowledge. You need to change your approach to food, training, and the mental game completely, and I have developed a set of cognitive techniques to achieve dramatic and permanent changes to achieve sustainability after our coaching has ended.

My life’s purpose is to help you change your life for the better.

To be chosen, the most important requirement is that you can commit to implement and follow through on my teachings.

Are You In That Place In Your Life Right Now, Where You Are Ready to Make A Change and Achieve Success?

If you honestly feel like you’re the one I’m looking for, then fill out the customer form below. After your application is received, I will review your responses and get back to you to set up a Skype/Zoom call.

VIP coaching pricing is based on your individual situation. There are different levels of service at different pricing levels, and the only way to know if I can help you is to learn a little more about you – but you will need to commit to at least 8 weeks to get through the different phases of learning you need to make a dramatic impact in your life.